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Three Quick Skin Treatment Tips

Grandma's Tips : Skin Treatment DYI Tip 1: Firm toned complexion   Ingredients required: Equal quantities of cucumber seeds, pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds. Preparation: Dry the seeds first. Grind them all using a spice grinder until you obtain a powder. Mix it with fresh sour cream until you get the consistency of a paste. How to Use It: Apply it on your face for about one hour. Rinse with lukewarm water or rose water. Tip 2: Sweet fine lips Ingredients required: One spoon honey and one spoon butter Preparation:…
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DIY Recipes

Seven Benefits of Parsley Tea

Parsley tea: 7 Amazing Remedies and Benefits Among the herbs that are some common in almost every herbs garden, parsley is easy to distinguish for its refreshing flavors but also for its nutrition and healing  qualities. In summer, it can be eaten raw to strengthen the immune system, for digestive problems, to…
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Cheap & Effective

Secret for Perfect Skin

The Secret of a Perfect Skin Complexion We all know that all cosmetic products that we buy in stores and pharmacies contain chemicals and toxic substances that over time may harm your skin. Secret of Perfect Skin: Lemon and Baking Soda Did you know that some cheap and simple ingredients like baking…
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